Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis for everyone

Donald Mackinnon

I'm Donald MacKinnon

I qualified in the west of Scotland, on what was considered to be one of the best residential hypnotherapy courses nationally, and for many years afterwards practiced clinic-based hypnotherapy there. After moving to Spain, I started a local clinic - and then, impressed by the opportunities recent internet developments offered for hypnotherapy, I decided to customise my long experience in the hypnotherapy field into internet accessible downloads.

A new type of Hypnotherapy

So let me talk a little about this new type of hypnotherapy. Of course you want to know, "..can it help me and, if so, how does it work?" The first thing to say is that there are no tricks or special effects such as you see parodied on film or TV. The simple, underlying truth about hypnotherapy is that it is actually all about you. You do it yourself (with a little help from me) and it only works if you really want it to work, if YOU REALLY WANT TO CHANGE ‚ because, with hypnotherapy, YOU set the agenda, YOU are in control and only YOU can make the changes - and make them permanent!


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