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These days, more and more people are becoming overweight. There are many causes for this new epidemic: overeating, stress, lack of exercise, etc. Some fat is actually good for the body, as it helps to maintain hormone levels and insulate the body. However, having an excess of body fat can lead to numerous health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It can also make it harder to move around and even leave you feeling short of breath.
Due to hormonal differences, women are more likely than men to become overweight. Age is also a factor, because people tend to gain weight as their metabolisms decrease, which is a natural side effect of getting older. According to Health Central, additional risk factors include ex-smokers (again, a decreased metabolism factor), those with a sedentary lifestyle and people who work the late shift. This last, more unlikely, group was included for their increased tendency to eat more and take longer naps, resulting in weight gain.
One of the most common remedies for obesity is dieting. However, this solution can be shifty at best (i.e. trend or yo-yo dieting) and may even backfire completely for some individuals, causing a gain, rather than a loss. More radical are surgeries in which the stomach is stapled to make it smaller and constrictive bands that are placed around the top of the stomach – both of which are used to encourage eating less.
Attempts to lose weight have a tendency to respond very well to self-hypnosis, a safe and drugless form of therapy that has been shown to have remarkable effectiveness with many conditions, even when other treatments may fail. It is a particularly successful method when the source of a problem is emotional or tension-related, however deep-rooted it may be. Self-suggestion is a process which strikes at the core of a problem, rather than simply masking the symptoms, making it especially helpful for a variety of complaints.
The very term “Hypnosis” is a direct reference to the ancient Greek “Hypnos”, meaning sleep, and indicates the relaxed, sleep-like, state that is necessary for suggestion to take effect. However, many often have trouble reaching this deeper level of consciousness on their own and require the assistance of a skilled hypnotherapist to ease them into, and out of, a hypnotic state.
Mr. Mackinnon is such an individual, having helped countless people over the years to achieve their goals through guided self-hypnosis. The advancements of the Internet have allowed him to make his technique available to more people than ever before. His new iPhone app is designed to work with you, at your own pace, directing your transition from start to finish and ensuring maximum results

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