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Countless people suffer from severe, debilitating, headaches, known as migraines. The term comes from the Greek for “half the head”, as these often occur on only one side of the head. Migraines tend to produce an intense throbbing sensation and are often accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

Migraines often start early in life, even before puberty. However, for some, they can begin as late as middle age. It is not yet known what causes these headaches, but doctors feel they may be due to abnormal brain activity affecting neural pathways and causing pain from the brain itself. While this is not an absolute surety, it is known that certain foods and/or situations will trigger them. These triggers tend to be as individual as the sufferers themselves and can include alcohol, chocolate, allergies, smoking (or being around smoke), odors/perfumes and stress. An episode will sometimes start as a dull ache that grows in intensity and can become quite severe within a few minutes to a few hours. Also, a migraine can often last anywhere from 6-48 hours. The discomfort may still remain even after the initial pain is gone, as some experience lingering confusion, fatigue and neck pain. Continual migraines are a condition that responds well to self-hypnosis, a safe, drugless form of therapy that has been shown to have remarkable effectiveness, even when other treatments may fail. It is a particularly successful method when the source of a problem is emotional or tension-related, however deep-rooted it may be. Self-suggestion is a process which strikes at the core of a problem, rather than simply masking the symptoms, making it especially helpful for a variety of complaints. The very term “Hypnosis” is a direct reference to the ancient Greek “Hypnos”, meaning sleep, and indicates the relaxed, sleep-like, state that is necessary for suggestion to take effect. However, many often have trouble reaching this deeper level of consciousness on their own and require the assistance of a skilled hypnotherapist to ease them into, and out of, a hypnotic state. Mr. Mackinnon is such an individual, having helped countless people over the years to achieve their goals through guided self-hypnosis. The advancements of the Internet have allowed him to make his technique available to more people than ever before. His new iPhone app is designed to work with you, at your own pace, directing your transition from start to finish and ensuring maximum results.

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